Scorpion and Sub-Zero (Part 1)
Season 1, Episode 7
PH2FaTQ1s6Uf58 1 m
Air date May 23, 2011
Written by Kevin Tancharoen
Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
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The head of a rival clan narrates the story of the Shirai Ryu – a once proud clan whose leader, General Hanzo Hasashi, mastered the kunai weapon for combat, becoming known as The Scorpion. On a winter's day spent playing with his child, Hanzo learns that his son, Jubei, longs to train with his father's weapon, to join the Shirai Ryu, and to become General. Hanzo is reluctant to let his son be a part of this life but chooses to begin training Jubei anyway.

At dinner, Hanzo's wife, Kana, asks about the progress regarding the Shogun's arrival to their village. She is surprised to learn that their son has not prepared a ceremonial song, as he is busy training with his father. Hanzo insists Jubei sing for the Shogun, and while their son practices, Kana explains that she does not want their son to join the Shirai Ryu. Before they could finish, messengers on behalf of Lord Ryuk interrupt to request Hanzo's presence as the Shogun will be arriving early. Dressed in a ninja guise and carrying his famed kunai weapon, Scorpion sets off on his journey alone, tracked by unknown assailants. Trekking through the forest, Hanzo finds the Shogun dead, his entire body frozen in a chair, left behind so that Scorpion would find him. Bi Han, also known as Sub-Zero, approaches and attacks Scorpion, admitting to the Shogun's assassination as a necessary step to attack the Shirai Ryu village. Meanwhile, his family left alone, Hanzo's home is infiltrated, and his wife is take