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Place of origin


Portrayed by

Ryan Robbins

Raiden is the God of thunder and lightning and defender of Earth. Raiden wished to stop Shao Kahn from invading Earthrealm, he planned to do this by entering the Mortal Kombat tournament. In order to enter the tournament Raiden had to take mortal form, after doing this he was sent to Earth landing in the yard of a mental hospital where he was found by a patient named Blue. After waking up and trying to leave the doctors tried to stop him, believing him to be a patient, he tried to fight them but was slightly weakened from his transformation and the doctors were able to sedate him.

For 3 months he was kept heavily sedated and, after an outburst was lobotomizied. After another outburst he was lobotomizied again. He convinced Blue to help him by killing him, after stabbing him with a surgical tool, Raiden's body transformed into electrical energy and reformed in Chinatown. After taking an old man's conical hat Raiden left for the tournament.