Johnny Cage
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date April 25, 2011
Written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing
Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
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The episode opens with a faux E!-style documentary on fallen action star Johnny Cage. The show summarizes his life from his early martial arts days and worldwide fame to his many arrests and stalling acting career, using home video footage and interviews with friends and associates from his personal and professional life.

In the present day, Johnny is pitching a new crime-fighting reality show called You Got Caged to two TV executives. They are both unimpressed, spouting off clichéd arguments about their target demographic and their reluctance for martial arts and reality shows. But an insistent Cage earns himself a second chance to convince them that he and the show are bankable. Three weeks later and Johnny has re-shot a mature trailer for You Got Caged with a gritter, realistic style of violence. The executives are once again uninterested, this time cutting the entire project and releasing Johnny from his network contract. A dejected Cage leaves the meeting and walks onto the set of a new production, overhearing the same executives pitching his exact idea to a new female action star under the name You Got Saved. Enraged, Johnny attacks one of the executives and several security guards. Then suddenly, time literally freezes around him, leaving everyone else in a state of suspended animation. One other figure remains invulnerable to the anomaly. Shang Tsung approaches Cage and offers him "a way out of everything".